BNMS 2017

BNMS 2017 Committees and Chairs

Scientific Committee

Dr Brent Drake
Mrs Jilly Croasdale
Dr Ian Armstrong
Mr Andrew Irwin
Dr Teresa Szyszko
Dr Bev Ellis
Dr Francis Sundram
Dr Manil Subesinghe
Dr Parthiban Arumugam
Dr Vineet Prakash

Conference Organisation

Scientific & Education Co-Chair - Dr Sabina Dizdarevic
Scientific & Education Co-Chair - Dr Stewart Redman
Conference Secretariat -Ms Charlotte Weston
                                         Miss Lucy Fox
                                         Mrs Elena Gilbert
                                         Mrs Caroline Oxley
Dr Nitasha Singh
Dr Simon Hughes
Dr Stewart Redman
Dr Teresa A. Szyszko
Dr Sabina Dizdarevic
Prof Ralph McCready
Dr John Buscombe
Dr Richard Graham
Prof Willy Mboyo Di Tamba Vangu
Prof Richard Lawson
Dr Brent Drake
Mr Nick Gulliver
Mrs Sandra Johns
Prof Dražen Huić
Prof Irene Virgolini
Mr Matt Guy
Mr Bruno Rojas Fisher
Dr Daniel McGowan
Dr Jill Tipping
Prof Jasna Mihailovic
Dr Francis Sundram
Prof Sally F. Barrington
Prof Wim Oyen
Dr Vineet Prakash
Dr J. Charlotte Fowler
Dr David Colville
Dr David Little
Prof Ignasi Carrio Gasset
Dr Alexis Corrigan
Dr Kshama Wechalekar
Dr Parthiban Arumugam
Dr Andrew Hilson
Dr Deborah Pencharz
Miss Katherine Day
Miss Alison Lee
Ms Carolyn Lory
Ms Caroline Townsend
Miss Carla Abreu
Dr Bev Ellis
Dr Maggie Cooper
Dr Neil Hartman
Mrs Jilly Croasdale
Mr Ian Armstrong
Dr David Towey
Mr Andy Irwin
Miss Allison J. Craig
Prof Ken Miles
Dr Kevin Bradley
Dr Yong Du
Dr Ann-Marie Quigley
Dr Ashutosh Wechalekar
Prof Alan Perkins
Mr Martyn Evans
Dr Gopi Gnanasegaran
Prof Gary Cook
Prof Val Lewington
Poster Judges
Dr Nicola Mulholland
Dr Manish Pandit
Dr Kshama Wechalekar
Dr Parthiban Arumagum
Dr Teresa Szyszko
Sandy McEwan
Dr Charlotte Fowler
Dr Vineet Prakash
Dr David Little
Dr Francis Sundram
Dr Daniel McGowan
Dr Ian Armstrong
Mrs Jilly Croasdale
Dr Alp Notghi
Mrs Sandra Johns
Mr Rob Stewart
Richard Underwood
Dr Manil Subesinghe

Invitation from the President

I am writing to welcome and invite you to join this year’s annual meeting of British Nuclear Medicine Society. The annual meeting programme has grown to include a large variety of nuclear medicine related topics and I am sure you will find many talks which will interSobhan Vinjamuriest you. Many new developments and research will be presented and discussed throughout the scientific meetings and there will be reviews of many new and old topics by internationally renowned invited speakers.

I am sure whatever your interest, you will find the meeting of interest and relevance, going home better informed and full of exciting new ideas to take on, develop and incorporate at your work. And of course this is the place that you can meet all your friends and peers, make new friends, discussing and exchanging ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Sobhan Vinjamuri sig

Sobhan Vinjamuri

The President

BNMS2017 Flyer

Our Annual Scientific Meeting in 2017 will be held at the ICC in Birmingham.


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION NOW OPEN                                                    

See flyer below for more info

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