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BNMS Achievements 2017

To all BNMS Members,

We want to thank you for your continued support.

Your membership has allowed us to achieve so much this year

In 2017 the BNMS has:

  • Collected valuable workforce data by launching the fourth wave of the BNMS Workforce Survey.
  • Conducted a nuclear medicine patient survey, the results of which will be presented at the Spring 2018 meeting.
  • Kept members up-to-date on supply problems via the BNMS website and Wavelength newsletter.
  • Represented the Society at the EANM 2017 meeting in Vienna in order to keep up to date with current developments and to network with Nuclear Medicine colleagues from elsewhere in Europe.
  • Supported our members in applications for Clinical Excellence Awards
  • Embraced Social Media and have 882 and rising followers on Twitter


  • Launched a new Award “The BNMS Roll of Honour” honouring and remembering those distinguished members who contributed to the history of nuclear medicine in the UK and to the BNMS.

In 2017, the first year of the award, it was awarded posthumously to Professor Ignac Fogelman.

  • Awards were also presented as follows:

President's Medal                                                                          Dr Muriel Buxton-Thomas

Norman Veall Medal                                                                      Sarah Allen

Radiographers, Technologists & Nurses Group Award                 Caroline Townsend

Travelling Fellowship Award                                                          Dr Amit Parekh

Ros Breen Award                                                                           Carolyn Lory

  • Prepared for the launch of the BNMS Fellowships in Radionuclide Imaging and Therapy – inviting departments, who have the appropriate infrastructure and trainers in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine to host trainees.


  • The BNMS has published updated patient information leaflets on some common nuclear medicine procedures. These are available on the website and have been sent to departments for downloading and printing.
  • We have published additional books in the PET-CT Pocket Books Series: Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide Hybrid Imaging PET/CT, PET/CT in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, PET/CT in Melanoma, PET/CT in Prostate Cancer & PET/CT in Cancer of Unknown Primary
  • Published the BNMS Clinical Guideline for the Administration of Molecular Radiotherapy.


  • Held two successful scientific meetings with excellent feedback from delegates on their content and usefulness.
  • BNMS 45th Annual Spring Meeting, Birmingham May 2017
  • BNMS Autumn Meeting 2017, Liverpool September 2017

As well as:

  • Joint BNMS/UKINETS Meeting, Birmingham, February 2017
  • And supporting regional meetings with endorsement, cpd application and financial management assistance.

BNMS has represented its members responding on issues affecting the specialty and on consultations

  • EURATOM and Brexit
  • o The BNMS has actively responded to statements on leaving EURATOM, issuing a press release and being quoted in the media and the press on the impact of leaving EURATOM on patient services. 
  • o Liaising with the department of health and the Health Select Committee enquiry into Brexit and EURATOM.
  • o Dr John Buscombe, President-Elect presenting evidence to the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub- Committee alongside the Royal college of Radiologists and the British Medical Association on EURATOM and medical radioisotopes.

BNMS has been quoted in the press here:

Brexit fears for cancer patients over Euratom uncertainty

Financial Times-22 Nov 2017

Brexit could cause fatal delays for cancer patients who need urgent ...

The Independent-22 Nov 2017

How Will Britain's Potential Withdrawal from the Euratom Treaty ...

RUSI Analysis-21 Jul 2017

Patients at risk as UK plans to leave Euratom

European Pharmaceutical Review-26 Jul 2017

Tories 'failed to tell cancer sufferers the truth' over impact of Brexit on ... Jul 2017

  • Responded to NHS England on the impact of national contract on nuclear medicine departments.
  • Communicating with the NHS Commissioning Board regarding guidelines used for commissioning.
  • Corresponding with the National Medical Director of the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England) regarding the indications for PET-CT procurement not being correct.
  • Contributed to guideline development with NICE, topics include: 
  • o Draft guideline update on hip fracture, consultation for Haematological cancers, Urinary tract infection in under 16s,
  • o Draft guideline on Oesophago-gastric cancer,
  • o Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management,
  • o 177Lu-dotatate for treating unresectable or metastatic neuroendocrine tumours in people with progressive disease [ID1224],
  • o Selective internal radiation therapy for primary cholangiocarcinoma IP1081/2
  • Liaising with NICE to establish better communication with medical societies.
  • Nominated three specialist advisors for the Selective Internal Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Primary Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Interventional Procedure Programme at NICE.
  • BNMS responded on the consultation of new IRMER regulations
  • We responded on the new ARSAC consultation

International and National Representation

BNMS representatives’ also sit on the following committees:

High-Level Group on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes (HLG-MR)

BIR Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Committee

BMA CCSC Radiology Sub-Committee

College of Radiographers Nuclear Medicine Advisory Group

Health and Social Care Information Centre

Environment Agency Small User liaison Group

EANM Delegates Assembly

RCP Intercollegiate Standing Committee on Nuclear Medicine

IPEM Nuclear Medicine Special Interest Group

Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board Specialist Advisory Committee in Nuclear Medicine

NHSE Cancer Diagnosis Clinical Reference Group

RCR Radionuclide Sub-committee (now disbanded)

JRCPTB Specialist Advisory Committee

Society for Radiological Protection

Royal College of Physicians Expert Advisory Group on Commissioning

European Association of Nuclear Medicine Task Force on New Clinical Trial Regulation Section of Nuclear Medicine of the European Union of Medical Specialists and European Board of Nuclear Medicine

World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology

European Commission Working group for Radiation Protection EU directive BSS - RCP Working group on Specialty Revalidation

Health Research Authority Radiation Working Group

Molecular radiotherapy subgroup of the radiotherapy CRG

UK/India Network on Safety of Radiological Sources

National Institute for Health Research Clinical Reference Steering Group

British Thoracic Society Quality Standards Group

National School of Healthcare Science Physical Sciences Themed Board


Without the support of our members and dedicated volunteers we wouldn't have been able to accomplish all that we have.

Thank you once again for all your support, dedication and enthusiasm for maintaining the voice and profile of nuclear medicine in the UK and abroad.