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The Ros Breen Fund

Ros Breen

This fund was established in memory of Ros Breen, who was Superintendent Radiographer in Nuclear Medicine at Southampton General Hospital. She died in June 1991, after a long illness.   Ros made a great contribution to the field of Nuclear Medicine technology and it is appropriate that the fund established in her memory should be used to help Technologists further their careers and help with the development of the speciality of Nuclear Medicine.

The Ros Breen Fund contains approximately £11,000. This principal sum remains invested, but the interest will be used each year to provide grants to technologist members of the Radiographers, Technnologists and Nurses Group. The exact amount available will vary each year with fluctuations in interest rates.

Ros BreenAs a technologist member of the Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Group you are eligible to apply for a grant from the Ros Breen Fund if you need money to attend a Conference or Meeting, to go on a course, wish to visit a "Centre of Excellence" anywhere in the U.K. or abroad, or have some other project connected with professional development in Nuclear Medicine. Applications must contain a full estimate of costs for the project, details of any other sources of funding you intend to use and indicate that you have the support of you Head of Department.  Please write to the Chair or Secretary of the Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Group, for further details or to apply for a grant.