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The Student Prize

The BNMS Student Prize

Entrants must be a student member of the BNMS to take part or apply for membership at the time of submitting an abstract.

The BNMS is keen to encourage participation by all students, with an aim to interest them in furthering a career in Nuclear Medicine.

This prize is open to all undergraduates with an interest in nuclear medicine.  Trainees, PG Students and those on the NHS Scientist Training Programme should apply for the Young Investigator's Prize

Medical students should consider Nuclear Medicine projects for their special study modules (SSMs) or B.Sc. degree options. Students in other disciplines are encouraged to undertake Nuclear Medicine projects as part of their wider training. Projects would normally be undertaken in conjunction with a Department of Nuclear Medicine/Radiology/Medical Physics at the local hospital, who will be able to offer guidance.

It is understood that the students will have had help from established staff, and they should submit a letter from their supervisor/head of department (who should be a full member of the BNMS) guaranteeing the originality of the work and confirming the student's status.

Students should proffer original papers (in the form of an abstract) for consideration by the Scientific Committee. The closing date is as for other abstracts submitted to the Annual Spring Meeting of the Society.

For rules for entry see here