Travelling Fellowship

A sum of up to £1,000 is allocated each year by the British Nuclear Medicine Society for the provision of Travelling Fellowships. The aim is to promote the development of nuclear medicine by allowing individuals to visit, and to experience aspects of clinical nuclear medicine in departments of nuclear medicine in the United Kingdom or overseas. These awards are open to ‘junior’ staff only from all disciplines within nuclear medicine, provided they are currently Full Members of the British Nuclear Medicine Society. Particular consideration will be given to those applicants who can demonstrate an established interest in the chosen subject. The Fellowships will be awarded by the Council of the British Nuclear Medicine Society and will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Definition of junior staff:

  1. Medical, etc.- not holding a consultant or equivalent appointment;
  2. Clinical scientists - below (NHS) Principal (B17) or C grade, or equivalent;
  3. Academic staff - below Senior Lecturer or equivalent research staff grade;
  4. Pharmacist - below (NHS) grade F or equivalent;
  5. Technologists, Radiographers, Nurses - any grade

Membership of the Society must have been held for at least one complete year before the application is made.  The advertisement for the year’s Fellowships is normally made in October of the preceding year.  For eligibility, members should have paid the subscriptions due in the October of that year, and of the year before, as a minimum.   

The recipient of the award is required to attend the Annual Spring Meeting to present a talk about their visit once this has taken place.

Further details including application requirements are available in the members' area of the website.