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Audit and Standards Activities

Organisational Audit, Radiopharmacy Audit, Clinical Audit, Scientific and Technical Audit 

Organisational Audit
to promote the adoption of agreed standards and to secure peer group assessment of compliance with such standards.

Margaret Hall is the representative for organisational audits:

Radiopharmacy Audit
to promote standards in Radiopharmacy, defined by leading Radiopharmacists, and approved by the Royal Pharmacological Society and the BNMS. 

Clinical Audit
for "smaller disciplines", should be on a geographical or Regional basis, rather than a Trust or District basis, and to provide a model framework to support it.

Richard Graham is the representative for Clinical Audits:

Scientific and Technical Audit
to ensure the delivery of a safe service in a safe environment to ensure technical quality control of equipment, etc. to liaise closely with IPEM and, where appropriate, BIR, RCR and the College of Radiographers, to ensure professional development of scientific and technical staff working within Nuclear Medicine