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Adverse Event/Defect Reporting

Adverse Event Reporting Information

Although adverse reactions following the administration of radiopharmaceuticals to patients are very rare, it is still important  to record any adverse event that may be associated with their use. This is to enable us to keep comprehensive information for the range of tests undertaken in Nuclear Medicine departments.

The UK Radiopharmacy Group act as coordinator for the collation of data relating to defective radiopharmaceutical products and patient adverse reactions.  This data is carefully scrutinised and acts as a means of informing the UK Nuclear Medicine community of potentially serious defects in products as well as a compendium of drug interactions and reactions which are published on an annual basis in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Similarly we wish to record and categorise both potential and actual defective products to allow us to predict their quality and performance in clinical use.


Adverse Reactions Report Form

Radiopharmaceutical Defects Report Form