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PET Update 2019's Event

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PET Update 2019

PET Update 2019
  • Unlimited Seats
Jun 27 2019 at 09:00 AM - Jun 27 2019 at 05:00 PM
Event Admins
Alice Futers

PET imaging has found widespread acceptance in routine clinical practice within the UK, and new PET scanner technologies create exciting opportunities for scientists to work towards improving image quality and quantitative accuracy of PET imaging, exploiting dynamic imaging for capturing additional physiological information, reducing radiation dose, and increasing throughput. Scientists also play a key role in the development of novel tracers and their introduction to the clinic to expand the role of PET beyond FDG imaging to new oncology, neurology and cardiology applications. 

The aim of this meeting is to bring together those supporting clinical PET services and academic PET researchers to discuss the current status of PET imaging and the opportunities created by new developments.

Educational Aims
1. To provide delegates with the opportunity to meet others in the field and further their own understanding of cutting-edge PET technology and its implications 
2. To specifically provide an overview of developments in PETMR and digital PET 

Anticipated Learning Outcomes
1. Gain an understanding of current PETMR and digital PET technologies and their impact on clinical practice and research 
2. Gain an understanding of other developments in PET, as presented in the proferred papers

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