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ARSAC Newsletter 20.12.2017

Deadline for ARSAC certificate applications

Certificate Applications No Longer Accepted

The ARSAC Support Unit has now stopped accepting applications of the following types for certificates under the MARS regulations:

  • new diagnostic applications 
  • diagnostic additions applications
  • new therapy applications
  • therapy additions applications

Any applications of this type received will be returned. Please do not send any more applications to the Support Unit.

The ARSAC Support Unit will continue to accept applications for the following until the 16th January 2018:

  • diagnostic certificate renewals
  • therapy certificate renewals
  • new site specific research certificates
  • transfers of research certificates between clinicians at a site
  • extensions for research certificates

There is no deadline for research sponsor applications. 

Further details on"> licensing and the applications process under IR(ME)R 2018 will shortly be available through">the website.