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History of the Travelling Fellowship Award

During the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 1983 the BNMS Secretary reported that council had decided to set up Travelling Scholarships with the sum of £3,000 which it had been agreed at last year’s Annual General Meeting should be set aside to further Nuclear Medicine.

The proposal is to make these awards annually and that the recipients of the awards should report on their experiences at the following Annual Meeting, or through Nuclear Medicine Communications.


  1. The sum of £3,000 to be allocated annually (as agreed at the AGM) for the provision of up to three travelling scholarships. Council should retain the freedom to award only one or two Scholarships in a given year according to the nature and number of applications, and the projected level of financial requirements.
  2. The Scholarships to be open to junior members of staff from all disciplines within Nuclear Medicine, provided that they are full or associate members of the Society.
  3. The purpose of the Scholarship to be to enable a junior staff member to visit a Department - probably overseas - for a period of approximately one month, in order to develop further experience in an aspect of Nuclear Medicine.
  4. The Scholarships to be awarded annually by the BNMS Council.
  5. All applications to be assessed on their individual merits. Consideration to be given to candidates who can demonstrate an established interest in the chosen topic (e.g. previous publications/duration and nature of experience in selected aspect). Consideration also to be given to those topics which may further the development and range of clinical applications of Nuclear Medicine.
  1. All travelling scholars to report to the Society on their findings and conclusions. This could be done through the medium of the Journal (or possibly the Newsletter) or by invitation to address the Society.
  2. Candidates should apply in writing before 1st March and the awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting. It was agreed to include a notice about the awards with the information, abstract forms etc. for the 1983 Conference and the President agreed to produce a suitable notice.


BNMS Travelling Fellowship Award Winners

Dr Amit Parekh (Southmead Hospital, Bristol)     2017

The society has agreed to award £1000 to support a two week observorship at the Memorial S19oan Ketting Cancer Centre in New York, USA

Not awarded                                                        2016

Not awarded                                                        2015

Elizabeth Uglow (Barts Health NHS trust)           2014

The society has agreed to award £1000 to visit to the European Conference of Radiology 2014 in Vienna.

Not awarded                                                        2013

Dr Alexis Corrigan (University of Bath)                2012

Awarded £1,000 to travel to University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, PET-CT fellowship

Dr Jennifer Davidson (Southampton)                   2012

Awarded £1,000 to travel to University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland in respect of PET-CT

Dr Chen Low (Birmingham)                                  2012

Awarded £1,000 to travel to Massachusetts General Hospital International Visiting Fellowship

Dr Ruth Macpherson (Churchill Hospital, Oxford) 2011      

Awarded £1,000 visit the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA where she would be exposed to new techniques particularly those utilizing Pet tracers.

Dr Chirag Patel (Churchill Hospital, Oxford)         2010

Awarded £1,000 to visit Dr Sam Gambhir’s Stanford University.

Not awarded                                                         2009

Not awarded                                                         2008

Dr H Bashir (Canterbury)                                      2007      

Awarded £1,500

Dr V Warby (Royal Free)                                      2006

Awarded £1,500

Dr A Scarsbrook (John Radcliffe)                         2006

Awarded £1,500

Mr J Reid                                                              2005

Technologist Chair, to attend the SNM meeting in Toronto allocating some of the travelling fellowship to the trip. Total Awarded £500.

Dr Patrick Fielding (University of Wales)              2004      

Awarded £1,500 – a 6th year trainee to enable him to attend a one week intensive course on PET at the University of California Los Angeles

Dr John Dickson (Royal Free)                              2003      

Awarded £1,200 to visit Ghent, primary research interest quantitative brain imaging

Dr Jonathan Harris (Manchester Royal Infirmary) 2003

Awarded £200 towards his visit to Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto.

Dr James Anderson (Ninewells Hospital)              2002      

Awarded him £1,500 to gain experience of PET imaging by visiting UCSC Stanford Hospital and VA Hospital Palo Alto, USA. 

Dr Rakesh Ganatra                                               2001

Enabled him to visit Guys and St Thomas, Southampton and Free Hospital of Amsterdam to observe isotope imaging, therapy and PET.

Not awarded                                                         2000

Not awarded                                                         1999

Dr Maggie Cooper                                                1998

Awarded £1,200 towards her trip to visit China to carry out research into the radiolabelling of peptides targeted to somatostatin and somatostatin-type receptors. 

Not awarded                                                         1997

Dr Balan                                                                1996

Dr Rebecca Stringer (Royal Liverpool Hospital)   1995

Awarded £1,000 in order to develop her interest in the technique of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Dr Stringer would be visiting centres in Belgium and Rotterdam.

Sarah Allen (Guy’s Hospital)                                 1994

Awarded £600

Alice Cluckie (King’s College)                                1994

Awarded £1,000

Dr Gacinovic (Yugoslavia)                                     1993

Awarded £1,800 to work and train at the Middlesex Hospital

Dr P Jeffry (Lecturer Radiological Sciences, UMDS) 1992

Awarded £1,100

Dr A Notghi (Senior Registrar, Birmingham)          1992

Awarded £810

Dr P Ryan (Senior Registrar, Guy’s Hospital)        1992

Awarded £730

Miss B Ellis (PHD Student, Chelsea School of Pharmacy) 1992

Awarded £355   

Dr R Corbett (Royal Marsden Hospital                   1991

Awarded £700

Dr M J O’Doherty (St Thomas’ Hospital)                 1991

Awarded £700

Dr Q Siraj (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Rawlpindi, Pakistan) 1991

Awarded £900

Mr J Watkinson (Guy’s Hospital)                             1991

Awarded £700

Not awarded                                                            1990

Dr C H Green (University of East Anglia)                1989

Awarded £1,000

Dr M L Hall (Inst. Of Nuclear Medicine, UCL and Middlesex School of Medicine) 1989

Awarded £1,000

Dr J Moyes (Royal Marsden Hospital)                     1989

Awarded £500

Not awarded                                                             1988

Dr Khalil (Groby Road Hospital, Leicester)              1987

Proposed to visit Boston, JSA for a period of 10 days.

Dr D Campos Costa                                                 1986

Awarded £1,000

Miss Patricia Wright                                                 1986

Awarded £1,000

Dr Khalil                                                                    1986

Awarded £500

Not awarded                                                             1985

Dr Wyeth                                                                   1984

Awarded £500

Dr M J Nimmo                                                           1984

Awarded £500

Dr A J B McEwan                                                      1984

Awarded £1,250.00 towards the cost of his proposed visit to the United States

Miss A Ritson                                                            1983

To enable her to study the labelling of monoclonal antibodies at the University of Kentucky.

Changes over time

In 1996 the Honorary Secretary noted that it had been decided to change one of the rules for the travelling fellowship, namely that members would have to be members for twelve months in order to be eligible for an award.

In 2005, in an effort to encourage colleagues to apply for these fellowships, the Hon Secretary proposed that they be open to Associate Members who have been members for one full year.

In 2001, it had been drawn to our attention that there was discrimination in the application criteria i.e. under 35 years of age, it was agreed that this be removed.