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EANM Technologists' Competencies

EANM Benchmark Document on EANM Technologists' Competencies

written by EANM Technologist Committee 2017


Comments from the Chair of the BNMS RTN Group

This document offers a comprehensive description of basic scope of practice for nuclear medicine technologists

It is an update from “Competencies for the European Nuclear Medicine Technologist, 1998”, a document produced by the EANM which itself arose from work published by the BNMS on nuclear medicine technologists’ scope of practice

It includes competencies in PET-CT which as a modality didn’t exist when previous work was published.

It uses European Qualification Framework (EQF) level 6 model (equivalent to Bachelor academic degree) to define Knowledge, Skills and Competency

The core competencies for technologists are divided into 13 groups or concepts generally considered to cover the whole range of tasks

The document was peer reviewed by all members of the EANM Technologist Committee (including myself) and representatives of ANZSNM, CAMRT & EFRS.

A link to more commentary on the document is here