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BNMS Exhibitors 2019

Exhibitors Floor Plan


 NEW Stand Number

 Company Name  
Stand 10 GE Healthcare GE Logo 2017
Stand 11 InHealth Group Inhealth logo 2018 small 2
Stand 12 Lablogic, Southern Scientific, Bartec

Lablogic logo 2018

Southern Scientific Logo 2019

 BartecLogo Blue

Stand 17 Bayer Plc bayer logo 2017
Stand 18 Curium Pharma UK Ltd Curium logo 2018
Stand 23 Philips Philips logo 2016



 Stand 2  4Ways Healthcare Ltd 4ways Diagnostics Logo 2019 
Stand 6 Norgine Norgine logo NEW
 Stand 9 Alliance Medical alliance1
 Stand 13 Imaging Equipment Ltd IEL 2019 logo
 Stand 14 Siemens Healthineers  Siemens Healthineers 2016
Stand 15 Ashby Gorman Baker AGB logo 2017
Stand 19 UKAS UKAS logo 2017
Stand 22 Diagnostic Imaging Ltd Diagnostic imaging ltd 2018



 Stand 1  Blue Earth Diagnostics Ltd Blue Earth Diagnostics 2018 
 Stand 3  Bright Technologies Ltd Britec logo 2018
 Stand 4  College of Radiographers College of radiographers logo 2019
Stand 5  BTG - Biocompatibles UK Ltd BTG logo colour 2012 rgb
Stand 7 Packexe Ltd Packexe Ltd logo 2019
Stand 8 NPL NPL 2017 logo
Stand 8a Mirada Medical Ltd Mirada Medical Ltd
Stand 16  Sirtex Medical Europe  Gm bH Sirtex logo 2017
Stand 16a Pycko Scientific Ltd Pycko Logo
Stand 20  Tema Sinergie S.p.A. Tema Sinergie 2019 logo
Stand 21 Hermes Medical Solutions Hermes 2018 logo



There will be stands for

ARSAC ARSAC logo small artwork
BNCS  Cardiology Reporting Training sessions  bncs logo

BNMS Demonstrations of eScan Academy new

BNMS endorsed training platform

RTNG Find out more about this group's work  
Plus the The Dr Saul Hertz: The Discovery of the Medical Uses of Radioiodine Exhibit