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Past Meetings

BNMS Meeting Programmes

47th Annual Spring Meeting 2019

The King's Centre, Oxford

BNMS Autumn Meeting 2018

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin

46th Annual Spring Meeting 2018

ICC, Birmingham

BNMS Autumn Meeting 2017

ACC, Liverpool

45th Annual Spring Meeting 2017

ICC, Birmingham

BNMS Autumn Meeting 2016

Assembly Rooms, Bath

44th Annual Spring Meeting Birmingham 2016

ICC, Birmingham

BNMS Autumn Meeting 2015

Royal Society of Medicine, London

BNMS Brighton 2015

Brighton Centre

Autumn Meeting 2nd September 2014

SECC, Glasgow

42nd Annual Meeting, 11th - 14th May, Harrogate International Centre

Harrogate, Spring 2014

41st Annual Meeting, 21st April - 24th April 2013, Brighton Centre

Brighton, Spring 2013

Autumn Meeting 19th September 2013

Birmingham, Autumn 2013

Autumn Meeting, 13th - 14th September 2012, Examination Schools, University of Oxford

Oxford, Autumn 2012

40th Annual Meeting, 29th April - 2nd May 2012, Harrogate International Centre

Harrogate, Spring 2012

39th Annual Meeting, 9th -11th May 2011, Brighton Centre

Brighton, Spring 2011

Autumn Meeting, 13th - 14th September 2010, University of Nottingham

Nottingham, Autumn 2010

38th Annual Meeting, 26th - 28th April 2010, Harrogate International Centre

Harrogate, Spring 2010

Autumn Meeting, 17th - 18th September 2009, University of Surrey, Guildford

Guildford, Autumn 2009

37th Annual Meeting, 26th - 29th April 2009, Manchester Central

Manchester, Spring 2009

Autumn Meeting, 25th - 26th September 2008, Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

Liverpool, Autumn 2008

36th Annual Meeting, 12 - 14th May 2008, Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Edinburgh, Spring 2008

35th Annual Meeting, 19th - 21st March 2007, Manchester Central

Manchester, Spring 2007

34th Annual Meeting, 27th - 29th March 2006, Manchester Central

Manchester, Spring 2006

33rd Annual Meeting, 14th - 16th March 2005, Manchester Central

Manchester, Spring 2005

32nd Annual Meeting, 31st March - 2nd April 2004, Brighton Conference Centre

Brighton, Spring 2004

31st Annual Meeting, 29th April - 1st May 2003, Manchester Central

Manchester, Spring 2003

47th Annual Spring Meeting

In 2019 the BNMS adopted a NEW conference App and discontinued using a printed programme.

The components of the digital brochure are available here:

Abstracts - available in NMC online April 2019, Vol.40 Issue 4



Prizes and Awards

Poster Presentations

46th Annual Spring Meeting

In 2018 the BNMS adopted a conference App and discontinued the printed conference brochure.

The components of the digital brochure are available here:

Abstracts - available in NMC online April 2018, Vol.39 Issue 4



Prizes and Awards

Poster Presentations

45th Annual Spring Meeting

In 2017 the BNMS adopted a conference App and discontinued the printed conference brochure.

The components of the digital brochure are available here:

Abstracts - available in NMC online May 2017, Vol.38 Issue 5


Prizes and Awards

Poster Presentations

BNMS2016 Meeting Highlights

We have lots to talk about from the BNMS Spring ASM held at the ICC Birmingham

TNP 160452

Sadly this was the final scientific meeting arranged by the current chairs of the scientific and educational committees. Jimmy Bomanji and Gopi have developed the meeting into an excellent educational event and a real showcase for the breadth of scientific work happening in the UK today. On behalf of all attendees at conference over the last few years I would personally like to thank them for the hard work they have put into the program, which we have all benefited from.

50th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner with old colleagues and friends


The batton has now been handed over to Stewart Redman and Sabina Dizdarevic, who have the onerous responsibility to improve and develop the meeting over the next cycle. I look forward to seeing their plans some to fruition.

TNP 160530 EDITThe conference dinner was a particular highlight of the 50thanniversary of the BNMS, with Dr Keith Harding receiving the President’s medal and Sue Hatchard giving a very entertaining and memorable reflection of her extensive involvement with the BNMS and luckily not causing too many blushes. The Norman Veall medal was awarded to Steve Ebdon-Jackson, who has been a sensible voice within the regulatory process governing UK practice. Dr Mary Prescott received Honorary Membership, she will be greatly missed in clinical practice, not least by the group in Manchester, though I have a feeling she will still be involved in some way.

Former CEO Sue Hatchard reflects on the past 27 years running the BNMS


The conference dinner also saw the launch of the first three titles of the pocket book series, as well as A History of Radionuclide Imaging in the UK. All of which will soon be available as electronic versions, via the website ( for BNMS members.

 Sponsored by Siemens, pictured with Debbie Langhammer and editors Dr Jamshead Bomanji and Dr Gopinath Gnanasegaran with BNMS President Dr Alp Notghi

TNP 160522

 The AGM was well attended and Dr Notghi provided a thorough review of the last years activity of the BNMS - which the News and Views readership will be well aware of. At conference there was a ballot to rename the the BNMS clinical practitioners group and at the AGM it was agreed they will now be called the ‘BNMS RTN’ radiographers, technologist and nurses group. The treasurer reported that the BNMS maintains a stable financial position and membership will be pleased to hear that there are currently no plans to change membership fees. The BNMS will continue in safe hands with Professor Sobhan Vinjamuri taking on the responsibilities of President.

The website continues to be developed with plans for development of the carers and patients area, as well as some new promotional literature. There are also now pictures from conference which have been uploaded, so if you haven’t taken a look for a while check out

BNMS President Dr Alp Notghi and Dr Jamshead Bomanji presenting the BNMS Student 1st Place Prize to F Amponsa-Dadzie King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

TNP 160297

Congratulations to all the prize winners from conference. There were a total of 7 scientific prizes awarded: full details are available on the BNMS website.

Finally from conference I would like to thank our partners in industry for their ongoing enthusiasm. The commercial exhibition was once again, the hub of the event. Their support is key to the conferences success and without them it wouldn’t be the conference it is.

Looking forward I am personally getting excited about the autumn meeting in Bath and next month I hope to return to the interview format.

A Corrigan

Dr Alexis Corrigan

NMC News and Views Editor




50th Anniversary Meeting, Birmingham April 2016

In 2016 the BNMS adopted a conference App and discontinued the printed conference brochure.

The components of the digital brochure are available here:

Abstracts - available in NMC online May 2016, Vol.37 Issue 5

Invited Speakers

Programme for Sunday

Programme for Monday

Programme for Tuesday

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Poster Presentations


Prizes and Awards at BNMS Birmingham 2017


The Norman Veall Medal was awarded to Sarah Allen, Guy's Hospital (Citation).

Norman Veall Award Sarah Allen

The President's Medal was awarded posthumously to Dr Muriel Buxton-Thomas.

The BNMS Roll of Honour was awarded to Prof. Ignac Fogelman.

The Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Group Award was awarded to Caroline Townsend, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 


3rd Poster Prize - £50

Sponsored by NPL Logo 2017

(P43) An automated monitoring system for isolated limb perfusion 

Chelsey Turner, Alison Bolster, and Jamie Wright 

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK


2nd Poster Prize - £150

Sponsored by NPL Logo 2017

(P69) Towards a normal range for colonic transit reporting

Katie Addison, Jonathan Price, and Andy Irwin 

St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


1st Poster Prize - £300

Sponsored by NPL Logo 2017

(P74) Effect of varying levels of plasma haemolysis on Cr-51 EDTA glomerular filtration rate measurements

Elaine Quinn, Dorota Ferguson, Christos Chatzigiannis, and Sandra Biggart

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK


Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Poster Prize - £300
Sponsored by Mallinckrodt Logo 2017 New

(P59) Experience of implementing radiotherapy planning in PET/CT

Carla Abreua, Christopher Thomasc, Andriana Michaelidoub, Sofia Pereiraa, Armidita Jacoba, Katharine Chalmersa, Luis Alvesa, Joemon Johna, and Lucy C. Pikea

aKing's College London & Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, London, UK, bClinical Oncology, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, cDepartment of Medical Physics, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Oral Prize - £300
Sponsored by Mallinckrodt Logo 2017 New 

(37) Nationwide survey of lower limb lymphoscintigraphy practice
Mafalda Nunes-Branco, Nadra Musa, Gill Vivian, and Nick Gulliver
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom


Multimodality Poster Prize - £300

Sponsored by Hermes Logo 2017

(P51) Can pacing leads and calcified coronary arteries influence the interpretation of CT-based attenuation corrected myocardial perfusion scans? A phantom study

Robin Taylor, Lois Collins, Joanne Prosser, Alistair Tarbuck, Duncan Murray, Ajay Sreedasyam, and Sharon Hutchison 

Department of Medical Physics, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, UK


Multimodality Oral Prize - £300

Sponsored by Hermes Logo 2017

(80) Response assessment of bone metastases in breast cancer: comparison of [18F]fluoride, [18F]-FDG PET/CT and diffusion-weighted MRI
Gary Cooka, Gurdip Azada, Ben Taylorb, Musib Siddiquea, Angela Swampillaib, Ines Sandrib, Mark Harriesb, Janine Mansib, and Vicky Goha 

aKing's College London, London, United Kingdom and bGuy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom


Radiopharmacy Oral Prize - £250

Sponsored by Alliance Logo 2017

(40) One-step labelling of PSMA PET Radiotracers with gallium-68: Utilising the THP chelator
Jennifer Younga, Vincenzo Abbateb, Cinzia Imbertia, Levente Meszarosa, Michelle Maa, Robert Hiderb, Greg Mullena, and Philip Blowera
aDivision of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, London, United Kingdom and bInstitute of Pharmaceutical Science, King's College London, London, United Kingdom


3rd Radioptherapy Prize - £100

Sponsored by Bayer Logo 2017

(15) Internal dosimetry considerations for paediatric radioimmunotherapy
April-Louise Smitha, Thomas Sandersona, Eoin O'Mahoneya, Sofia Michopouloub, John Langfordb, Matt J. Guyb, and John C. Dicksona 

aUniversity College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom and bUniversity Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, United Kingdom


2nd Radiotherapy Prize - £200

Sponsored by Bayer Logo 2017

(62) Predictors of 223Ra-dichloride treatment outcome in clinical practice in relation to the Alsympca trial
Sean Maina, Maryam Jessopb, Angus Robinsona, and Sabina Dizdarevicb,c
aSussex Cancer Centre, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, United Kingdom, bDepartment of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust, Brighton, United Kingdom and cBrighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, United Kingdom


1st Radiotherapy Prize - £300

Sponsored by Bayer Logo 2017

(17) First whole-body biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of [18F]tetrafluoroborate ([18F]TFB), a PET probe for imaging sodium-iodide symporter expression in thyroid cancer patients
Jim O' Dohertya, Maite Jauregui-Osoroa, Teresa Brothwoodb, Teresa Szyszkoa, Paul Marsdena, Mike O' Dohertya, Gary Cooka, Phil Blowera, and Val Lewingtonb 

aPET Imaging Centre, King's College London, London, United Kingdom and bDept of Nuclear Medicine, Guys' and St Thomas' Hospital, London, United Kingdom


3rd Oral Prize - £50

Sponsored byBIR Logo 2017

(51) Use of the CT scout view (Topogram) for accurate attenuation correction of planar quantitative studies
Gregory James, Joseph O'Brien, John Courtney, and Bill Thomson
City Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom


2nd Oral prize - £150 

Sponsored by BIR Logo 2017

(39) 18F-labelled tracers for hNIS: Pros and cons
Julia Blower, Hussein Bdair, Jaclyn Lange, and Philip Blower
King's College London, London, United Kingdom


1st Oral Prize and President's Cup - £300 

Sponsored byBIR Logo 2017

(12) Biodistribution, radiation dosimetry and preliminary results of a novel 18F-fluoroethyl triazole [{Tyr3}] octreotate analogue for PET imaging in locally advanced and metastatic neuroendocrine tumour patients
Suraiya Dubasha, N. Keatb, P. Mapellia, F. Twymana, L. Carrolla, K. Kozlowskia, A. AL-Nahhasa, S. Azeemb, M. Huibanb, A. Frillingc, T. Barwicka, A. Rockalla, R. Sharmaa, and E. Aboagyea 

aDepartment of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom, bImanova Centre for Imaging Studies, London, United Kingdom and cDepartment of
Surgery, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom


Young Investigators' Prize - £500

(6) Is dopamine transporter (DaT) right anterior putamen/background ratio an index of non-planning impulsivity in patients with Parkinsons disease?
Guglielmo La TorrebAleksandra Maria Hermana, Maryam Jessopd,
Nadia Abdula
d, Ania Crawshawc,e, Patrick Begleyd, Emma Wroed, Romi Anirban Sahad,
Theodora Duka
a, and Sabina Dizdarevicb,d 

aSchool of Psychology University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom, bBrighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, United Kingdom, cUniversity Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom, dBrighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, United Kingdom and eUniversity of Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom


Student Prizes

Sponsored by  BNMS Logo 364x180

1st Prize       £300               Anika Sharmila, King's College London         Oral abstract 24      

'Does measurement of tumour shape in 18F-FDG PET scans of lung cancer improve predictive and prognostic assessment?'

2nd Prize      £200               Islam Mostafa, King's College London          Oral abstract 25

'Are texture analysis parameters dependent on volume in 18F-FDG PET/CT?'

3rd Prize       £100               Numan Dawood, University of Leicester        Oral abstract 57

'Radionuclide depth estimation using a novel SFOV hybrid gamma-optical camera with an anthropomorphic breast phantom'