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Claim tax relief on your membership subscription with the BNMS

The BNMS has been approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for members to claim tax relief for their annual membership subscription fees.

You can claim tax relief on your annual membership subscription fees if:

BNMS membership is essential to do your job or it’s helpful for your work

You pay your BNMS membership fees yourself (i.e. not paid by your employer)

How do I claim?

If you are not required to fill in a tax return, you can get tax relief for your allowable

expenses by completing the P87 Tax relief form online.

You have to fill out the form if this is the first time you require tax relief for expenses.

This form only needs to be filled out once, all subsequent claims can be made over the

phone on 0300 200 3300.


1. To complete the form you need to know your:

  • Employer PAYE reference (found on your payslip under ‘Tax Office Ref’)
  • Payroll/assignment number (also on your payslip)
  • National insurance number


2. If your first claim is for a previous employer, ensure you send the completed form to the correct tax office for the PAYE reference.

3. If your claim is for a previous tax year, you should receive a cheque through the post to reimburse you for the tax paid for this subscription.

4. Once you have informed HMRC that you pay a regular subscription charge and

your P87 has been accepted, your tax code will be changed to reflect this and you should not have to claim every year for the same subscription.


Time Limits

The time limits for asking for tax relief for your expenses are shown in the table below. You have a maximum of 4 years to backdate a claim.

Tax year Tax year ended on You must claim by

2012-13 5th April 2013 April 2017

2013-14 5th April 2014 April 2018

2014-15 5th April 2015 April 2019


If you would like further clarification or information please contact the HMRC on 0300 200 3300.