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BNMS 2011 Prize Winners

BNMS Poster Prizes Sponsored by GE

3rd Prize
Poster 15  REVIEW: 18F-FDG PET/CT and MRI in cervical cancer: Current evidence and future directions.

St Joseph EV1, Gauthaman N3, Jackson PE2, Gnanasegaran G2
1King's College London School of Medicine,
2Department of Nuclear Medicine and Clinical PET Guys and St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,
3Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London, UK

Manchester Spring 2009 BNMS Prize Winners

BNMS Prize Winners - Manchester 2009

All the winners of our annual prize awards presented at the BNMS Spring Meeting in Manchester.


BNMS 2008 Prize Winners

BNMS 2008 Spring Meeting Edinburgh

Prize Winners

Student Prize

Based on submission alone

1st        A Weeks, D Lloyd, University of Kent, R Paul, P Marsden, P Blower, King’s College London.

Hypoxia-targeted radionuclide therapy: hypoxia-selective toxicity and       DNA     damage induced by 64CuATSM. 

2nd       K Hillman, J Fleming, G Gwynne, F Sundrum, Southampton University Hospitals Trust.

Comparison of relative renal function measurements from geometric mean and posterior – only analysis using simulated images. 

3rd        L O’Brien, Royal West Sussex NHS Trust, M J Guy, J W Scuffham, Y W Ho, Royal Surrey County Hospital.

PACS display assessment for nuclear medicine images. 

Technologist Poster

S Baker, St Thomas’ Hospital Clinical PET Centre, London

CT incidental findings: consideration for a PET/CT technologist. 

Technologist Oral 

J Harris, G Satterthwaite, C Walker, N Nagaraj, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Southampton General Hospital

Four years on – follow up on non-clinician led pharmacological cardiac stress (NCS) 

Poster Prize 

1st        A Parthipun, B Hughes, P Hadway, T Swallow, M Shabbir, S Heenan, C Corbishley, N Watkin, St George’s Hospital, London.

The combined role of ultrasonographic guided fine needle aspiration and sentinel lymph node biopsy in nodal staging of patients with penile squamous cell carcinoma. 

2nd       T Szyszko, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, M Easty, L Biassoni, Great Ormond Street Hospital London.

Indications for VQ scanning in the paediatric population: current trends. 

3rd (joint)          A Parthipun, B Hughes, M Shabbir, T Swallow, S Heenan, C Corbishley, N Watkins, St George’s Hospital London

The role of dynamic lymphoscintigraphy with sentinel node biopsy and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology in the management of squamous cell carcinoma of the penis. 

3rd (joint)          B Hutton, K Erlandsson, K Kacperski, D Van Gramberg, Institute of Nuclear Medicine UCL London,  N Roth, Spectrum Dynamics, Haifa, Israel.

Recommendations on QC procedures for a non-conventional SPECT system. 

Young Investigator Prize 

            F M  Lavender, R T Meades, A Al-Nahhas, K S Nijran, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London.

             A comparative study of softwares used for LVEF quantification in myocardial perfusion imaging. 

Multimodality Poster Prize

            M Guy, M Pryor, Department of Medical Physics, Royal Surrey County Hospital UK.

             Simulation of the Infinia II Hawkeye SPECT CT system and example applications. 

Multimodality Oral Prize

            P J Schleyer, M J O’Doherty, V Warbey, S F Barrington, P K Marsden, Guy’s King’s and St. Thomas’ School of Medicine.

             Data driven respiratory gating for PET and CT imaging. 

Oral Presentation Prize

1st        R Paul, P Halsted, P Marsden, P Blower, King’s College London.

Routine availability of CU-61 and CU-64 for clinical PET applications. 

2nd       V Helyar, King’s College London, H Mohan, T Barwick, Department of Nuclear Medicine Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust.

The added value of multislice SPECT/CT in patients with equivocal bony metastasis from carcinoma of the prostate.

3rd        W Tomson, J Cullis, J O’Brien, City Hospital Birmingham.

Variations in Butterworth filter definitions and an algorithm for uniformity.

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Scientific & Education Committee
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Dr Bev Ellis
Dr Francis Sundram
Mr Nick Gulliver
Mr Andrew Irwin
Mrs Jilly Croasdale
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Dr Teresa Szyszko
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Dr Andre Nunes
Conference Secretariat
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Mrs Elena Gilbert
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Mr Le Thoai
Dr Charlotte Fowler
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Prof Gary Cook
Poster Judges
Dr Sue Chua
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Mrs Sandra Johns
Dr David Little - Poster Chair
Dr Alexis Corrigan
Dr Asim Afaq
Ms Louise Fraser
Dr Thomas Gruning
Dr Liz Prvulovich
Dr Deborah Pencharz
Mr Daniel McGowan
Dr Teresa Szyszko
Miss Marguerite Meintjes
Dr Kshama Wechalekar