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Membership Fees

To get full benefit from this site, nuclear medicine practitioners are strongly urged to join the Society. The membership fees are widely acknowledged to represent extremely good value for money, particularly as they include a personal subscription to Nuclear Medicine Communications.

Membership is available to interested individuals from both within and outside the United Kingdom. Those wishing to apply for membership can register here.  (Please note that all membership applications must be ratified by the BNMS Membership Committee).  Further details may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary.

Direct Debit is the most convenient way to pay your membership subscription. Available to members who hold a UK bank account, Direct Debit ensures that you subscription is continuous, automatically renewing every year.  If you wish to pay your membership fees by direct debit, simply download a direct debit form and send it to us with your application form. 


 Full Membership

Full Membership of the BNMS is open to suitably qualified medical staff, clinical scientists and technologist (radiographers, medical technical officers) who are making  an active contribution to the science, practice, or technology of nuclear medicine. Applicants for Full Membership should be sponsored by two full members of the Society.

The annual subscription for Full Membership is currently £132 U.K. / £172 Overseas. This includes subscription to the Society's journal, Nuclear Medicine Communications, and allows a reduced registration fee at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society.

A reduced subscription rate (£108 UK, £122 Overseas) is available for Full Membership for the following categories of staff:

Medical staff: Not holding a consultant or equivalent post.
Clinical Scientist NHS band 7 (or equivalent) or below 
Academic Staff: Band 7 or below 
Pharmacist: NHS Band 7 or below
Technologist / Radiographers / Nurses: Band 7 or below

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to such persons who do not fill the requirements of full membership or who are eligible but not in career grades of employment. Council have the authority to decide whether a person comes within these categories.

The Annual Subscription for Associate Membership is £60 U.K./ £87 Overseas. This includes the Editorial and Newsletter sections of Nuclear Medicine Communications and allows a reduced registration fee at the Annual Meeting of the BNMS.

Student Membership- FREE on confirmation of Student status 

This subscription is available to full-time non-salaried students enrolled on a recognised University Course. BNMS Student Members can enjoy FREE registration to our Annual Scientific Spring Meeting*, enter for the Student Prize, receive BNMS newsletters and access exclusive members only content on the website. 

*In return we kindly request that student members attending the annual spring meeting volunteer to assist on site during the meeting for a limited number of hours per day.

Before applying please ensure you can provide two BNMS members to support your application AND an email or letter on headed paper of your Hospital/University confirming your student status as above. Need Help? Email us at

Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Group Membership

Membership of the Radiographers, Technologists and Nurses Group is open to Technicians, Radiographers & Nurses who are Full or Associate BNMS members working in any aspect of nuclear medicine. Group members receive a quarterly newsletter containing reviews and dates of meetings and updates on educational issues with general information relevant to technologists. The Radiographers, Technologists & Nurses Group has a general meeting during the BNMS annual meeting. Members of the Radiographers, Technologists & Nurses Group are eligible to apply to The Ros Breen Fund for assistance with education, meetings and visits to specialist centres.

Retired Members

The annual subscription for retired members is £40.00 (U.K. only).   They will receive a copy of the NMC newsletter.  Retired membership is automatically available to all full members who have recently retired from professional practice, and have been Full Members for 10 years or more.

Please contact the membership officer with details of your retirement date in order to apply for your new renewal at the retired rate.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is at the discretion of the BNMS Council.


Claim tax relief on your membership subscription with the BNMS

The BNMS has been approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for members to claim tax relief for their annual membership subscription fees.

You can claim tax relief on your annual membership subscription fees if:

BNMS membership is essential to do your job or it’s helpful for your work

You pay your BNMS membership fees yourself (i.e. not paid by your employer)

How do I claim?

If you are not required to fill in a tax return, you can get tax relief for your allowable

expenses by completing the P87 Tax relief form online.

You have to fill out the form if this is the first time you require tax relief for expenses.

This form only needs to be filled out once, all subsequent claims can be made over the

phone on 0300 200 3300.


1. To complete the form you need to know your:

  • Employer PAYE reference (found on your payslip under ‘Tax Office Ref’)
  • Payroll/assignment number (also on your payslip)
  • National insurance number


2. If your first claim is for a previous employer, ensure you send the completed form to the correct tax office for the PAYE reference.

3. If your claim is for a previous tax year, you should receive a cheque through the post to reimburse you for the tax paid for this subscription.

4. Once you have informed HMRC that you pay a regular subscription charge and

your P87 has been accepted, your tax code will be changed to reflect this and you should not have to claim every year for the same subscription.


Time Limits

The time limits for asking for tax relief for your expenses are shown in the table below. You have a maximum of 4 years to backdate a claim.

Tax year Tax year ended on You must claim by

2012-13 5th April 2013 April 2017

2013-14 5th April 2014 April 2018

2014-15 5th April 2015 April 2019


If you would like further clarification or information please contact the HMRC on 0300 200 3300.