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At GE Healthcare we realise that Molecular imaging is unique. With its ability to make visible what would otherwise be invisible, it can reveal deeply hidden truths about the human body. The kind of truths that could save the life of one patient, or transcend an individual to benefit all patients. We call this a true discovery.

Our mission is to help you find your next true discovery by pursuing a fully digital molecular imaging experience and by being adaptable to your needs. No matter what molecular imaging technology you choose, we want you to have the tools you need to go in search of true discovery. At GE Healthcare we are developing solutions for today’s imaging and tomorrow’s diagnosis and treatment monitoring for the Theranostics Imaging developments to provide complete solutions for your patients.

When we set out to help make SPECT/CT the essential clinical tool we believed it could be, we perceived only a glimmer of its potential. Today, we continue to be in awe as we watch you use this technology every day to better diagnose your patients and to further your own clinical research.

The 800 Series reflects our continued commitment to helping improve the quality, access and affordability of SPECT/CT, so you can continue in your work to change lives for the better.

To celebrate this true partnership in true discovery, we’re introducing the 800 Series. This new family of five nuclear medicine systems puts into practice everything we’ve learned over the course of 20 years by bringing the latest in SPECT/CT advancements to a wider range of clinical environments. Along with the breakthrough CZT-based NM/CT 870 CZT, the digital-ready NM/CT 870 DR and the SPECT-only NM 830, the 800 Series includes two eight-slice CT hybrids. NM/CT 850 and NM/CT 860. We strategically paired these two systems with CT technology that makes state-of-the-art CT performance accessible to practices with emerging or more routine hybrid needs.

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