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Terumo is a global leader in medical technology and has been committed to "Contributing to Society through Healthcare" for nearly 100 years. Terumo Interventional Systems is working in partnership with Interventional Radiologists and Nuclear Medics within Interventional Oncology to ensure they have access to high quality tools for their patients. This partnership is based on Terumo’s comprehensive range of technology and services to support healthcare professionals with their patient needs.

QuiremSpheres®microspheres, QuiremScout® microspheres and Q-SuiteTM software make up The Holmium Platform: three integrated products which aims to individualize SIRT at its full potential.

QuiremSpheres® is the first Holmium-166 microsphere on the market which brings a wide range of benefits from higher dose rate, to optimized imaging capabilities.

QuiremSpheres® are also the first SIRT microsphere to be designed with scout dose technology, QuiremScout®, which for the first time utilizes the same particle for the work up and the therapy, which aims to optimize patient selection and advance treatment planning using our Q-SuiteTM software. This CE Marked and in-house designed treatment planning software is also used for dose verification following the SIRT treatment to ensure you have delivered the dose you planned and will help to drive treatment efficacy and improve the outcomes for liver cancer patients.


QuiremSpheres HEPAR PLUS mNET Paper QuiremScout vs Technetium Case Report HCC Quirem Scout

Terumo Interventional Systems


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