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BNMS Innovative Team of the Year Award 2019 - finalists

This BNMS new award for 2019 is to celebrate teams that are developing innovative and creative ways of improving the services they deliver.  
The aim of this award is to encourage innovation leading to improvement in procedures, practices and service levels.   

It is hoped that ideas put forward by the competing teams can be adopted by other departments for improving service. 

The top 3 scoring entries have been invited to create a short video featuring their team and their innovative project.

We are inviting members and delegates to our Spring Meeting to view the videos and vote for your favourite team

The winners will be announced at the Dedicated Industry session on Tuesday 2nd April and will be awarded a plaque.

The 3 final entries are:

Hillingdon Hospital

Hillingdon Hospital application

Hillingdon Hospital video

King's College London

King's College London application

King's College London video

University Hospital Southampton

University Hospital Southampton application

University Hospital Southampton video

Please select the website link to view the videos and make your vote count!