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DOH Publication

DH IRMER Guidance on Exposures Much Greater than Intended - Updated January 2017

The Department of Health have published updated guidance for reporting Exposures Much Greater Than Intended with respect to IRMER2000.

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 >>


A simple guide to Payment by Results - DoH

The aim of this guide is to provide an introduction for newcomers to PbR, from NHS health professionals, managers and administrators, to people engaged in academic study and interested members of the public both in the UK and abroad.

In addition, we are producing a series of simple guides which explore PbR in more detail for specific services.

Department of Health Website >>

The 2009 NHS code of practice for records management

This publication sets out the minimum periods for which the various records should be retained.

It provides information and advice about all records commonly found within NHS organisations.

pdfThe 2009 NHS code of practice for records management PDF

Implementing the National Stroke Strategy - an imaging guide

'Implementing the National Stroke Strategy - an imaging guide'

Document type: Guidance

Author: Department of Health

Published date: 2 June 2008

Product number: 286712

Gateway reference: 9963

Pages: 34

Copyright holder: Crown

This guide provides further detail on the recommendations set out in the National Stroke Strategy regarding imaging for transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and stroke. It sets out best practice and provides guidance on how imaging services may develop to provide gold standard TIA and stroke care.

Delivering the 18 week patient pathway (DoH)

Delivery of the 18 Week Patient Pathway And Beyond: A Strategy for Imaging Workforce (March 2007) WORD doc.