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Criteria for the establishment of a pediatric PET-CT centre (UKPETCT Advisory Board)

For the special attention of the RCPCH as well as current PET-CT providers / users and paediatric oncologists.

The Board were reminded that the strategy document on PET-CT 1, produced in 2005, had recommended 2 paediatric PET-CT centres where any aged infant or child could be scanned. This was to cater for any infant or a child who required sedation / anaesthesia where adequate appropriate facilities must exist. One centre should be located in the south and one in the north of England. The Department of Health (DH) accepted this recommendation and have appointed Prof. Gordon to undertake an assessment of potential centres that could be established by the DH. Prof. Gordon has requested that the PET-CT guardian, Dr Tom Nunan assist in this exercise.

To this end a discussion document has been produced. Prof. Gordon presented to the UK PET-CT Board this draft document that outlined criteria for the establishment of a Paediatric PET-CT centre. There was a discussion covering the number of centres, geography, criteria, scan types, ability to transfer images, expertise, patient preparation, and numbers needed to scan. It was agreed that consideration on the potential for centres in Wales and Scotland, should be taken into consideration. The draft document was agreed by the Board pending comments from absent Board members.

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