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RCP Medical Care

Medical Care online Website of the RCP has now been launched replacing the “consultant physicians
working with patients” publication.
This is a web-based resource for efficient and effective design of medical services. Nuclear Medicine speciality is of course represented.
the link to this site is:

Blue Earth Diagnostics’ latest press release

The press release announces that Blue Earth Diagnostics has signed an agreement with GE Healthcare to establish the manufacturing of Blue Earth Diagnostics’ PET imaging product Axumin® (fluciclovine (18F)) in the UK.  This agreement with GE marks first step towards full commercial availability of Axumin® (fluciclovine( 18F)) in the UK.

Press Release Blue Earth Diagnostics GE Healthcare

Editorial from BMJ re Euratom

Why we must stay in the European Atomic Energy Community - 

read more on this article published in the British Medical Journal

PRESS RELEASE - British Nuclear Medicine Society statement on leaving Euratom

Press Statement on Euratom and supply of medical isotopes following Brexit from the British Nuclear Medicine Society, supported by the Royal College of Radiologists and Royal College of Physicians

On Wednesday 12 July there was a parliamentary debate on the implications for the UK on withdrawing from the Euratom Treaty. Since 1957 the Euratom framework has enshrined the regulation and safeguards for the transportation and use of radioactive materials and governs UK international nuclear cooperation agreements with European and third party countries, including Canada, Japan and the USA. Withdrawing from Euratom will affect the arrangements for the supply and use of radioactive isotopes to industry, power generation, academia and medicine.

President Elect on The Today Programme

Our President Elect, Dr John Buscombe was interviewed on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4.

To listen to his interview select the link below

The interview is 2 hours and 45 into the programme.

A Level student presented at BNMS 2017

rsz portia smith

Submitted by sixth form student Portia Smith

Apparently, I’m the youngest person ever to present at a BNMS conference. I’m in my first year of sixth form college, and have just presented a poster at the Spring Meeting, 2017. Thanks to the nuclear medicine department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, led by Dr Sabina Dizdarevic, I had the opportunity to raise awareness for Tc-99m-MIBI accumulation in axillary apocrine sweat glands. In this region, high sudation levels can mimic lymphadenopathy in patients with parathyroid adenoma and malignancy, potentially prompting unnecessary intervention or surgery.


Dr Sabina Dizdarevic and Portia Smith and her poster 'Don't forget sweat gland MIBI accumulation' at BNMS2017.

Transporting Radioactive Material

latest from ONR Transport

On the non-nuclear transport front, inspections, stakeholder engagement and policy work in support of BEIS as BSSD implementation draws closer have all been matters occupying the Transport Inspection and Enforcement Team recently. Here are the headlines from the last few months.