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Health is Global - new strategy launced by UK Government

A new global strategy was launced by the UK Government

in September.


Health is Global: a UK Government strategy 2008-13


It focuses on five areas:

  • Global health security

  • Stronger, fairer and safer systems to deliver health

  • More effective international health organisations

  • Stronger, freer and fairer trade for better health

  • Improving policy and practice


The full document can be downloaded at


The Redfern inquiry into human tissue analysis in UK nuclear facilities

On 18 April 2007, the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry gave a statement to the House of Commons establishing the Redfern Inquiry. The inquiry is chaired by Michael Redfern QC and will carry out an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the analysis of human tissue by UK Nuclear Organisations and establish whether or not these analyses were carried out following the correct and proper procedures and whether the data obtained was used appropriately and with the necessary consents. The Inquiry will report to the Secretary of State in due course. 

Download the Ministerial Statement pdf

Download the Final list of Issues pdf

Download the Inquiry Procedures pdf

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