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RCP launches new specialty service planning resource:

The Royal College of Physicians, in partnership with the UK’s medical specialty societies, has launched its first ever web-based planning resource for medical specialties.
The website will help those involved in the planning and provision of services get a clearer picture of the specialty services that need to be in place to provide great patient care.

The (NCRI) Molecular Radiotherapy report

'CTRad: identifying opportunities to promote progress in molecular radiotherapy research in the UK' has now been published. 
A review of the needs and opportunities of molecular radiotherapy research in the UK and recommendations to promote progress.

You can download it at the NCRI website here:


Contribution to the IRPA14 Montreal Fund

The Montreal Fund was created in 1995 by the Canadian Radiation Protection Association with the  proceeds of the IRPA8 International Congress held in Montreal, Canada, in 1992, to enhance radiation protection worldwide by supporting attendance of young scientists at IRPA Congresses.
The Montreal Fund is supported by contributions from Associate Societies and other stakeholders.
BNMS contributes to this fund which enables participation at congresses of students and young professionals preferably from developing countries and countries that do not have IRPA Associate Societies. They are normally made directly to individuals or through the Support Committees for International and Regional Congresses.
More information can be found regarding the fund on the IRPA website here

Presidents of the BNMS

14 Presidents of the BNMS reunite to commemmorate the 50th Anniversary of the Society

Pres grouplow brightened

 Top Row from left to right: 1.Dr Harry Gray 1996 - 1998 2.Prof. Keith Britton 1982 - 1984 3. Dr Tom Nunan 1998 - 2000 4. Dr Alp Notghi 2014 - 2016 5. Dr Keith Harding 1984 - 1986
Middle Row from left to right 6. Dr Sobhan Vinjamuri 2016 - 7. Dr Brian Neilly 2012 - 2014 8. Prof Alan C Perkins 2010 - 2012 9. Prof. Michael Maisey 1978 - 1980 10. Dr David Keeling 1994 - 1996
Front Row from left to right 11. Dr Gill Vivian 2008 - 2010 12. Dr Mary Prescott 2002 - 2004 13. Dr Andrew Hilson 2004 - 2006 14. Prof Ralph McCready 1972 - 1974

BNMS Book Series

A series of BNMS educational books, published by Springer have been released:
PET/CT in Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer
PET/CT in Gynecological Cancers
PET/CT in Neuroendocrine Tumours
PET/CT in Thyroid Cancer
PET/CT in Radiotherapy planning
PET/CT in Prostate Cancer (see review here)
PET/CT in Melanoma
PET/CT in Lung Cancer
PET/CT in Hodgkin's Lymphoma (see review here)
PET/CT in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic malignancies (see review here)
PET/CT in Head and Neck Cancers
PET/CT in Colorectal Cancer
PET/CT in Cancer of unknown primary

Click here to view online

BNMS2016 - Bartec Tombola

Bartec Technologies held a Tombola at BNMS2016

The winning prize (a Kindle) goes to.....

Bartec Tombola winner

Pippa Mashford of Great Ormond Street Hospital


Product update - Stamicis Labels

As a result of  reports from the UK market of product vial labels not being able to withstand the wet boiling procedure required for the reconstitution  of Stamicis (kit of Sestamibi manufactured by CIS bio international, member of IBA  Group of companies )  IBA Molecular have subsequently invested a lot of time and resource investigating a different type of label.


We can now announce with great pleasure, that following a long process of validation by a UK Radiopharmacy all batches of Stamicis are manufactured with a new reinforced label, with effect  from the 23rd of February 2016.

The performance data of this new label , especially its tack  or adhesive performance up to 150°C,  guarantees a total integrity of the  label during wet boiling as well as an ensuring an excellent quality of the pre-printing on the label.


It is hoped that the improvements made to the labels will provide our end user with a totally satisfactory production experience when using Stamicis. This is effective from the following batch number F004HA which is currently being despatched from Alliance Medical Limited.


If you have any questions relating to this or any other products, please feel free to discuss this with your Radiopharmaceutical Marketing Development Managers for further clarification:-


Student Membership

We would like to develop a more student-centred side to the BNMS with the ultimate aim to organise more student-aimed meetings and activities. Plenty of opportunities to help and to enrich your CV.


For further details on BNMS student membership click here

The BNMS conference organising committee is looking for students members attending the spring meeting to assist on site during the conference

Giving our full - or part-time university students the opportunity to attend and contribute to one of the most prestigious conferences in the field of nuclear medicine. For more detail click here

Could you assist us in raising the profile of nuclear medicine to students?

Download our pdfflyer displayed below and share with your colleagues