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Product update - Stamicis Labels

As a result of  reports from the UK market of product vial labels not being able to withstand the wet boiling procedure required for the reconstitution  of Stamicis (kit of Sestamibi manufactured by CIS bio international, member of IBA  Group of companies )  IBA Molecular have subsequently invested a lot of time and resource investigating a different type of label.


We can now announce with great pleasure, that following a long process of validation by a UK Radiopharmacy all batches of Stamicis are manufactured with a new reinforced label, with effect  from the 23rd of February 2016.

The performance data of this new label , especially its tack  or adhesive performance up to 150°C,  guarantees a total integrity of the  label during wet boiling as well as an ensuring an excellent quality of the pre-printing on the label.


It is hoped that the improvements made to the labels will provide our end user with a totally satisfactory production experience when using Stamicis. This is effective from the following batch number F004HA which is currently being despatched from Alliance Medical Limited.


If you have any questions relating to this or any other products, please feel free to discuss this with your Radiopharmaceutical Marketing Development Managers for further clarification:-


Student Membership

We would like to develop a more student-centred side to the BNMS with the ultimate aim to organise more student-aimed meetings and activities. Plenty of opportunities to help and to enrich your CV.


For further details on BNMS student membership click here

The BNMS conference organising committee is looking for students members attending the spring meeting to assist on site during the conference

Giving our full - or part-time university students the opportunity to attend and contribute to one of the most prestigious conferences in the field of nuclear medicine. For more detail click here

Could you assist us in raising the profile of nuclear medicine to students?

Download our pdfflyer displayed below and share with your colleagues  

Nuclear medicine - Hybrid Imaging: An inter-collegiate statement from the RCP and Royal College of Radiologists

An announcement from the RCP and the RCR regarding the wording of their guidance on this topic can be found on the Royal College of Physicians' website here

The BNMS are responding to the RCR on this issue.

SUN welcomes partnership with the British Nuclear Medicine Society

The SIRT UK Network (SUN) has welcomed the British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) as an official partner.

SIRT UK network is an independent web-based network run by clinicians and scientists (clinical oncology, interventional radiology, imaging, nuclear medicine and surgery) who have come together to share best practice, clinical experiences, patient information and to organise SIRT masterclasses and workshops. 

This network has an academic focus, and is independent of commissioning and service considerations. The SUN website has a secure members' only discussion forum to allow clinicians to hold private and secure exchanges of views on all aspects of the SIRT procedure and patient outcomes.


New BNMS Student Membership Category

Student Membership- FREE on confirmation of Student status 

The BNMS are pleased a announce a new membership category exclusively for full time Students. 

Click here to view the benefits you can enjoy as a student member.

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This subscription is available to full-time non-salaried undergraduate students who do not qualify for Associate Membership, enrolled on a recognised University Course. BNMS Student Members can enjoy FREE registration to our Annual Scientific Spring Meeting, enter for the Student Prize, receive BNMS newsletters and access exclusive membership content on the website. 

Student members cannot continue as Student Members once they become eligible for Associate or full Membership (and enter paid employment)

Those who are engaged in a taught post graduate course or who are research students, supported only by a grant, are regarded as post graduate students and should apply for trainee membership. Those who are engaged in a taught post graduate course or in a research degree whilst in paid employment as trainee or associate clinical scientists, even though periods of post graduate study may be full time, are not eligible for Student Membership and, if already Student Members, must apply for upgrading to Trainee or Associate Membership.


Before applying please ensure you can provide two BNMS members to support your application AND an email or letter on headed paper of your Hospital/University confirming your student status as above.

If you need help with your application or sponsors email us at


If you are not studying nuclear medicine or have any BNMS members to sponsor your application, we would request a supporting statement expressing your interest in membership of the BNMS and your affiliation with nuclear medicine.

We can forward your statement along with your application to the membership committee to make the approval process easier.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at



Customer communication regarding Mallinckrodt's sales of its CMDS business

Please view letter pdfhere from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals to all its Nuclear Medicine customers regarding the sell-off of its Contrast Media & Delivery Solutions business.

BNMS CEO Sue Hatchard celebrates her retirement

On 23rd April at the Annual Awards dinner of the BNMS at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton, Mrs Sue Hatchard received silver photo frames along with other gifts from Officers, Council and other committee members and many friends on the occasion of her retirement as CEO of the BNMS for over 27 years.

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World's First Hand Held Gamma Camera

Cancer patients could live longer thanks to pioneering technology being trialed at Nottingham's hospitals.

Patients at the Queen's Medical Centre are assisting with the first trials of a "revolutionary" portable imaging device which medics say will improve surgical treatments, reduce mortality and make removing tumours easier.

Alan Perkins Gamma Camera Ray Scanner

The mobile gamma ray camera is the first of its kind in the world and is expected to improve the identification and removal of tumours and lymph nodes, allowing imaging procedures to take place at the patient's bedside, in operating theatres and intensive care units.

The technology also allows surgeons to find and map tumours and nodes with greater accuracy during surgery.

Listen to Radio Nottingham Interview with Professor Alan Perkins:

Read more: