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Scottish Healthcare Science National Delivery Plan

The Healthcare Science National Delivery Plan was launched on last month and will enable us to focus on delivering key improvement programmes:
These improvement programmes, to be delivered during 2015–2020 are summarised below, with the National Delivery Plan accessible at
  • Streamlining health technology management;
  • Effective point-of-care testing;
  • Demand Optimisation;
  • Developing sustainable services; and
  • A new integrated model for clinical physiology services.

An STFC Strategy for Cancer - Playing our part

The publication “An STFC Strategy for Cancer – Playing our part” was released in March of this year by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

You can access the electronic version from:



STFC Futures Health and Cancer Care   -   Futures Programme


Review for BNMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2015

This article was previously published in RadMag.

From the 25th to 29th April the Brighton Conference Centre hosted the British Nuclear Medicine Society Annual Scientific Meeting. The four-day format kicks off with Bootcamp on the Sunday afternoon. The Bootcamp focus this year on PET/CT in Oncology with parallel clinical and technologist streams drew a diverse crowd and truly had something for everyone.
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Medical Isotope Facility to stay open until 2018

On the 6th of February 2015 in a news release from Greg Rickford (the Canadian Minister of Natural resource), the Canadian government announced that they will extend the life of the the Chalk River Laboratories (one of the major producer and supplier of medical radio-isotopes) until 2018. It is a great news, as it initial planned closure in 2016 would have lead to possible worldwide difficulties in molybdenum supply, which would have effected millions of patients in over 80 countries. The extension of life of the site is a good news for the world of Nuclear Medicine as it enables a better planned shift of resources avoiding possible shortage of medical radio-isotope during the transition period.

Nuclear Medicine featured in RCP Specialty of the Month

Considering taking a career in Nuclear Medicine?

Now is the time to visit RCP's website featuring Nuclear Medicine as specialty of the month.

The Royal College of Physicians talk to some of our members of the BNMS about the speciality, why they chose nuclear medicine, what the training is like and why trainees should choose it as a career.

SNMMI Special Student Membership Offer

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) based in the United States is excited to offer you a special membership offer.
Students who are currently enrolled in a nuclear medicine educational program can join as a student member for FREE!  

Molecular Radiotherapy News

As we all know, molecular radiotherapy (MRT) is a highly multidisciplinary area, or at least should be if safe and effective treatment is intended. Nuclear Medicine is at the heart of MRT with expertise in radiochemistry, imaging and physics as well as clinical experience. This is a rapidly expanding area and the BNMS are maintaining a high profile in the field.

ARSAC – Triennial Review

ARSAC – Triennial Review
During Autumn 2014 the Department of Health (DH) is undertaking a triennial review of the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC). This forms part of a wider programme of reviews taking place of all the Department’s Arm’s Length Bodies in support of the Department’s stewardship function in the new health and social care system, and will support the government wide agenda on reform of public bodies.

An important part of the review process is the gathering of evidence from ARSAC's key stakeholders through a Call for Evidence seeking views on:
1. The continuing need for ARSAC in terms of the functions it performs and how these are delivered
2. ARSAC's performance and opportunities for efficiencies
This is an open call for evidence, and DH is interested in receiving responses from all interested parties.

The Call for Evidence will be published in mid-November on the public consultations section of<>:

If you are have questions which are not answers on in the call for evidence documentation please contact the lead reviewer, Adam McMordie, at the Department of Health at.<>”