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Press Office

HPA update of radiation exposure guidance for the UK 2/07/09

Scientists at the Health Protection Agency have published their advice to UK bodies following new international guidance on ionising radiation.

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HPA - AGIR Radon Press Release 2 June 2009

Health effects of radon exposure

2 June 09

An expert advisory group of the Health Protection Agency has today recommended that the Agency should consider tightening its recommended safety levels for radon gas in homes and workplaces.  Radon - a naturally occurring gas - is the major source of human exposure to ionising radiation in the United Kingdom and is responsible for an estimated 1,100 lung cancer deaths a year; most of which occur in current or ex-smokers1.

Daily Mail Feature on PETCT

Daily MailNew Scans that can reveal if chemotherapy is working.

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HPA - Medical radiation examinations on women of child bearing age

31st March 2009

Pregnant women should not undergo some types of medical examination that involve high doses of radiation to the foetus because of the small increased risk of causing childhood cancer, according to guidance developed by the Health Protection Agency, The Royal College of Radiologists and the College of Radiographers.

HPA News - Mortality and Cancer Risks for Radiation Workers

HPS New release

Mortality and Cancer Risks for Radiation Workers

7 January 2009

The risk of developing cancer among radiation workers increases with the dose of ionising radiation they are exposed to, according to a study by the Health Protection Agency published today in the British Journal of Cancer *. The observed cancer risks are consistent with the international scientific consensus on radiation protection.

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MTAS Press Statement

For immediate release – Monday 5 March 2007

Medical Training Application Service (MTAS).

Doctors in training are a mainstay of service in the future.  From graduation onwards their training covers every facet of what is needed to be a good safe doctor - working for the benefit of the people of the UK and bringing a continued commitment to the NHS.

International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)

Did you know that members of the British Nuclear Medicine Society who have an interest in radiation protection can become members of the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) and of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) at no cost to themselves?