Professor Alan Perkins Awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians

BNMS032In the traditional ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians in London, Professor Alan Perkins was awarded Honorary Fellowship.  This is an award made after careful consideration and scrutiny in recognition of exceptional services to the science and practice of medicine.

Professor Alan Perkins is a distinguished clinical scientist and the first non medical president of the British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS).  The rules of the BNMS to permit this option were amended 10 years ago but Professor Perkins was the first person who the society appointed in this role.


Professor Perkins has worked in nuclear medicine at Nottingham University for over 25 years.  He managed the Trust’s nuclear medicine and radiaton protection services for many years and worked on the team that established the new Nottingham PET-CT and Cyclotron Centre for the City Hospital campus.

His research covers fields such as tumour targeting, drug delivery and imaging gastrointestinal function.  Throughout this time he worked with the BNMS by contributing to the scientific meeting programme and developing the society’s website.

He has acted as an ambassador for Nottingham university and the BNMS by interacting with the media and responding to issues of significant impact such as the London polonium poisoning.

Initially Honorary Secretary, Professor Perkins became President of the society in 2010 and has led the society and specialty through a difficult time – for example the recent medical isotope shortages.


The RCP was founded in 1518 by Henry VIII to license the practice of medicine ‘in the city of London and seven miles beyond’.  Today the geographical range of the RCP has extended but the mission remains the same – to set higher medical standards.