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BNMS Radiographers, Technologists & Nurses Group

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Alison Lee                 Chair                   Aneurin Bevan Health Board

                                                               Alison's career first started in Medical Physics - O'tec+
                                                               Medical Physics, Diploma in Medical Physics with IPEM,
                                                              Diploma in Radionuclide Imaging and Msc with IWE.
                                                               Currently the Superintendent Technologist for Royal
                                                               Gwent Hospital and Nevill Hall Hospital within the
                                                               Radiology Directorate.


Samera Bangash      Secretary            Mount Vernon Hospital


Rob Stewart                                          UWE, Bristol                           


Sandra Johns           Deputy                University Hospital of Southampton

Chris Mayes                                          Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Katherine Day                                       Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust

Nick Gulliver                                         King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Carla Abreu                                           St Thomas' Hospital

Carolyn Lory             Nurse                  Medway Maritime Hospital

Change of name for the BNMS Clinical Practitioners Group

After much discussion and following this year’s vote at our AGM, we have decided to re-brand and have changed our name to the BNMS Radiographers, Technologists & Nurse Group (RTNG).  There are several reasons for this but key amongst these is our view that this name more accurately embraces the diverse workforce that make up our numbers and will, hopefully, be recognised by Radiographers, Technologists & Nurses alike as representative of them. 

BNMS Nurses' Association

BNMS Nurses Association


The BNMS Nurses Association has been running for approximately 25 years. At our height we have distributed copies of our newsletter ‘Gamma Nurse’ to our nursing colleagues and more recently Caroline Rushton from the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust has held a steering committee post  on the Royal College of Nursing’s Imaging Forum group. This provided a voice for our modality at National Level.

What does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist do?


Over the last five years the role of the nuclear medicine technologist has become more complex.  This has primarily been due to the increased demand for more complex nuclear medicine procedures, such as myocardial perfusion scans and positron emission tomography (PET).  It is now fairly routine for technologists to perform their own injections, and perform advanced computer processing, along with imaging the patient and checking their own films.

The Register of Clinical Technologists

The Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT) was previously known as the Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists (VRCT) and has now been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. For a link to the Organisation profile click here
The RCT is a register for healthcare scientists specialising in the practical application of physics, engineering and technology to clinical practice. 

Guidance for nurses

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link to Administration of Radiopharmaceuticals

Professional Development

Courses for Radiographers and Technologists are listed in the Training and Education/ Courses Section of the website.
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