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External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS)

External Quality Assessment (EQA) is designed to provide objective evidence of the quality of individual investigations and analyses and is essential for clinical laboratories.EQAS's have developed over the past 20 years and are now available from a range of providers covering most clinical laboratory services. From the outset, British EQAS's have had the objective of maintaining high clinical laboratory standards by providing help, support, and education to participants in a confidential setting.In this way, the professions within pathology have kept their own house in order and have taken responsibility for maintaining high standards and, in doing so, have avoided a licensing system for laboratories.

EQAS's are available which cover Schilling tests and Red Cell Volumes.

Further details can be obtained through the UK NEQAS website .

The British Nuclear Medicine Society would strongly encourage any centre carrying out non-imaging tests for which there is and EQA scheme available to join such a scheme to ensure quality and best practice.