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Radioisotope Supplies

Further problem at NTP - ERT Message UPDATE 08.04.2019

Here is an update on the Mo-99 supply status regarding NTP and OPAL.

22 May 2019 Read the NEW update from AIPES here

8 May 2019 Read the update from AIPES here





The Supply of Medical Radioisotopes

Please read or download the latest report entitled "Medical Isotope Supply in the Future: Production Capacity and Demand Forecast for the 99Mo/99mTc Market, 2015-2020"


Independent Article - Reactor Closure Puts Medical Scans At Risk As Shortage Of Radioactive Material Could Jeopardise Patients’ Health

The Independent newspaper published an article on the radioisotope shortage with quotes from Dr Brian Neilly, President BNMS,  Prof Alan Perkins,  Past-Presdient BNMS and  Prof Erika Denton, national clinical director for diagnostics at NHS England.


Please follow this link to read full article here

Supply of Medical Isotopes has Dangerously Decayed

Professor Alan Perkins, Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Nottingham and Past-President of the BNMS, writes an article on the radioisotope shortage for 'The Conversation' which you can read here at

Indium Oxine and Indium Chloride alternatives

Further to our previous communication regarding Indium Oxine and Chloride withdrawal from the european market,  please see the following message from the UK radiopharmacy group about alternative methods for labelling blood cells with In-111 Indium Chloride:

Latest communicaton from the OECD on medical radioisotope supply

Below is a link for your information is the latest update from the AIPES ERT group on the continuing NTP problem and also some advice about a recent Generator Facility problem in Australia. The next ERT meeting is scheduled for 9 July 2018.

ERT message concerning NTP supply 2 July 2018

Please note that there has not been a problem with either the OPAL Reactor or Processing facility and that international shipments of bulk 99Mo have continued as scheduled. Please consult the ANSTO website ( for correct information.

We will continue to monitor the supply situation closely, if you are regularly experiencing shortages at the moment, please let us know the details.

Communicaton below from Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt, Director General AIPES and Bernard Ponsard, Chairman ERT

Mo---99 Production Activities at NTP Radioisotopes (NTP) 

Brussels, 12 June 2018
The AIPES Emergency Response Team (ERT*) composed of Mo-99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers had a telecon on Tuesday 12 June 2018 to receive an update from NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa) on the temporary interruption of its Mo-99 and I-131 production activities. NTP reported that it had a meeting with the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) on Friday 8 June to identify the information and documentation, which was submitted on Monday 11 June after successful completion. NTP now awaits NNR’s feedback and approval in response to its request to resume Mo-99 production operations.
All actors in the supply chain have instituted back-up plans as well as re-arranged production in order to meet customer requirements to the degree possible and as well to communicate to their customers. AIPES will continue see to the efficient coordination of these mitigation actions and will communicate to the concerned stakeholders as per the ERT processes in place.
Another ERT call will be held on Monday 18 June.