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Updates from Industry

Production Day Change from Friday to Sunday. Start Date - 7th February 2016

Please be advised that as of the 7th February 2016, IBA will be moving the production of weekend generators from a Friday afternoon to early on a Sunday morning.

This will mean that, from the 7th February 2016, these generators will be delivered to customer sites Sunday evening or early Monday morning.   

Deliveries on a Wednesday will remain unchanged.

Important information

Production Day:                                Sunday

Delivery Day:                                     Sunday evening

Reference Day:                                 Monday – 8 days later

Calibration:                                         8 days

We would require 10 working days’ notice for any order amendments which will need to be discussed in advance .

Actions Required

We anticipate that there are no changes to “out of hours” delivery instructions unless otherwise instructed by yourselves.

This would also be a good time to reconfirm  “out of hours” contact details.

These instructions should be communicated to our Customer Service Team via:-

(in the event of any issues this email address will be staffed during Sunday)

If you require any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact either

Leisl Anderson – Northern UK  07786 963 765 

Mike Ward – Southern UK  07885 464 638

New information for Radiopharmacists

Mallinckrodt HDP (Sodium Oxidronate 3.0mg) labelling improvements
Mallinckrodt has received approval to increase HDP maximum labelling activity to 11.1GBq in a volume of 3-10ml.
Previously the maximum was 7.4GBq in a volume of 3-6ml.
Please see section 12 of the Summary of Product Characteristics below.


Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) availability

Read the latest communication from Mallinckrodt pdfHERE