Updates from Industry

Production Day Change from Friday to Sunday. Start Date - 7th February 2016

Please be advised that as of the 7th February 2016, IBA will be moving the production of weekend generators from a Friday afternoon to early on a Sunday morning.

This will mean that, from the 7th February 2016, these generators will be delivered to customer sites Sunday evening or early Monday morning.   

Deliveries on a Wednesday will remain unchanged.

Important information

Production Day:                                Sunday

Delivery Day:                                     Sunday evening

Reference Day:                                 Monday – 8 days later

Calibration:                                         8 days

We would require 10 working days’ notice for any order amendments which will need to be discussed in advance .

Actions Required

We anticipate that there are no changes to “out of hours” delivery instructions unless otherwise instructed by yourselves.

This would also be a good time to reconfirm  “out of hours” contact details.

These instructions should be communicated to our Customer Service Team via:- spect@alliance.co.uk

(in the event of any issues this email address will be staffed during Sunday)

If you require any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact either

Leisl Anderson – Northern UK  07786 963 765 

Mike Ward – Southern UK  07885 464 638

New information for Radiopharmacists

Mallinckrodt HDP (Sodium Oxidronate 3.0mg) labelling improvements
Mallinckrodt has received approval to increase HDP maximum labelling activity to 11.1GBq in a volume of 3-10ml.
Previously the maximum was 7.4GBq in a volume of 3-6ml.
Please see section 12 of the Summary of Product Characteristics below.


Availability Calendar for July - December 2015

Please view pdfIBA Availability Calendar for the rest of the year.

Please note ordering deadlines are in CET, so deduct one hour for UK.

Shipment dates for the UK are the Tuesday and the Friday.

Please note that there is one bank holiday in France which will affect our generators on Tuesday 14th July so all generators will be produced on the Monday – delivery to you as normal on the Wednesday but with a 7 day calibration. All impacted hospitals will be advised the week before hand.

We have been advised by IBA Molecular that with effect from 1 October 2015 that manufacturing of I-131-S-1 will cease in Saclay – see attached notification.

For your information our contact details:-

Telephone: 01483 301638
Fax: 01483 304256
Email for orders: spect@alliance.co.uk


New Availability Calendar January - June 2015

Latest availability Calendar for January to June 2015 from Alliance can be viewed below:

pdfAvailability Calendar 2015 

pdfBank Holiday and Production Changes 2015

Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) availability

Read the latest communication from Mallinckrodt pdfHERE