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Updates from Industry

Blue Earth Diagnostics latest press release

See below Blue Earth Diagnostics’ latest press release announcing the first production and administration of Axumin® (fluciclovine (18F)) in Italy. This news demonstrates their continued commitment to maximize access to Axumin across Europe.

Press Release

Important Communication - LyoMAA & Pulmocis

Please find an important communication in relation to products LyoMAA & Pulmocis.

300119 Curium Pulmocis update

Brexit Update from Curium - updated

Please find the most recent information surrounding our Brexit contingency plans

Feb 2019 Curium Brexit Contigency updated

LyoMAA Important Update

Please find an important update with regards to LyoMAA

Lyomaa Curium December 2018


Communication from Curium

Please find a letter on behalf of Curium regarding DTPA for GFR measurement

Although we know DTPA is not an exact subsitute for CR-51, it is the only available alternative in the market.

Curium Technescan DTPA for GFR measurement Dec18

Molybdenum and UTK availability

Please find an update below on the Molybdenum and UTK availability from Curium's production site in Petten

Customer letter

Communication on behalf of Curium

Please find below communication on behalf of Curium concerning their Brexit contingency plans

Curium Brexit Contingency Planning