Image Exchange Portal (IEP)

The attached information describes the functionality, development timetable and costs of the recently procured Image Exchange Portal. This service was procured by the Department of Health (DH) and is currently being implemented by a joint DH/Connecting for Health Team.The service provides an opportunity to implement a common system for exchanging images across organisations. The system has been designed to offer the opportunity to enhance the benefits of PACS systems and compliment existing systems.

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Organisational Audit Relaunch 2013

We are pleased to relaunch the BNMS organisational audit tool in the form of QUANUM. It is suggested that Nuclear Medicine Departments aim to complete the use of the audit tool twice in a 5 year cycle. The first audit should take the form of an internal departmental audit. The second audit should be an invited external audit carried out by BNMS. Satisfactory completion of two audit cycles (one internal, one external) will lead to the award of a BNMS Certificate of Departmental Accreditation.


Organisational Audit is a process of peer review of the structure and the delivery of service within a Department.

BNMS Auditors are bound by standards agreed by BNMS Council. The process has been found to be of significant benefit to audited departments.

Amendments to Statutory Instruments

Amendments to Statutory Instruments that have direct implications for nuclear medicine departments.

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BNMS Statement on Patient Consent

The Professional Standards and Education Committee has reviewed the evidence and considers that the risks from routine diagnostic nuclear medicine investigations, including cardiac stress testing, are below the threshold that would be appropriate for obtaining written consent from patients.

In most departments, patients attending their appointment is taken as consent for the procedure.

Monthly Diagnostics Statistics

The Department of Health's Monthly and Quarterly/Biannual diagnostic statistics can be found here.