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King's College London, MSc/Diploma/Cert. in Nuclear Medicine - Science and Practice

Both an MSc and a diploma/certificate in Nuclear Medicine are now available through King's College, London, and are open to various craft groups. Also MSc in radiopharmaceutics and PET radiochemistry.

For further details visit their website or contact Prof Val Lewington or Hans-Jörg Küller Rabaça on


Recommended texts for the above course:


Basic Science

  • Physics in Nuclear Medicine - 3rd Edition; SR Cherry, JA Sorenson, & ME Phelps. Published by WB Saunders (2003) ISBN 0-7216-8314-X
  • Positron Emission Tomography: Basic Science and Clinical Practice; PE Valk, D Bailey, Townsend & MN Maisey (2003) ISBN 1852334851
  • Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine - 2nd Edition; GB Saha. Published by Springer (2001) ISBN 0-387-95021-4



  • Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy; GB Saha(1998) New edition due by Springer in Dec 2003
  • Textbook of Radiopharmacy - 3rd Edition; C Sampson. Published by Harwood (1999)
  • General - Clinical
  • Practical Nuclear Medicine - 2nd Edition; PF Sharp & Gemmell. Published by OUP (1998) ISBN 0-19-262841-0
  • Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine - 4th Edition; MP Sandler, RE Coleman, JA Patton, F Wackers, A Gottschalk. Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2003) ISBN 0-7817-3252-2
  • Clinical Nuclear Medicine - 3rd Edition; MN Maisey, KE Britton & BD Collier. Published by Chapman & Hall Medical (1998) ISBN 0-412-75180-1.
  • Nuclear Medicine in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment (1994) IPC Murray & PJ Ell (new edition in progress)
  • Atlas of Clinical Nuclear Medicine - 2nd Edition (1994); I Folgelman, MN Maisey & SEM Clarke.