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Training and Education

New E-learning modules on the Human Health Campus

7 new learning e-modules are now online provided by IAEA.

Click here to visit the Human Health website

These E-learning modules are very comprehensive, interactive learning materials aimed at expanding the educational opportunities of health professionals working in the field of nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging.

Acknowledging the fact that science-based medicine is crucial for professional development, we have also integrated more than 700 high-quality literature sources covering a plethora of topics in modern day clinical practices that can be found in the Guidelines and Literature component of each clinical section (e.g. oncology, cardiovascular, endocrinology, etc.)

Guidelines and literature section can be found here

New Publication Released Online: PET/CT Atlas on Quality Control and Image Artefacts

The new IAEA publication “PET/CT Atlas on Quality Control and Image Artefacts” has been released on the Internet. 

Follow this link here to view

EANM recognised postgraduate education in Radiopharmacy

This article contains information on the EANM recognised postgraduate program in Radiopharmacy. The program addresses pharmacists and natural scientists working in the production and QC of radiopharmaceuticals.

Nuclear Medicine for Medical Students and Junior Doctors

Dr. John W Frank, M.Sc., FRCP, FRCR, FBIR.

pdf here

Nucmedlinks Website

The excellent nucmedlinks site, run by Tess Hughes in Adelaide, Australia, provides a comprehensive set of links to many NM sites, including those dedicated to teaching.

Pediatric PET/CT cases and nuclear medicine teaching tools

Pediatric Nuclear Medicine

This site is a web-based repository of pediatric PET/CT cases and nuclear medicine teaching tools for the international pediatric imaging community. It also provides forums for threaded discussion about interesting or challenging cases, an up-to-date calendar of pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine events, and serves as a site for a virtual journal club Additionally, the site will serve as a forum for questions and case discussions with world-wide participation.

Educational templates as published in NMC

Multi-professional Educational Templates for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) from Nuclear Medicine Education Committee Sub-group of BNMS Education (abstract pdf)

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging template (pdf)