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Radiopharmacy Information Resources

The UKRG Radiopharmacy Handbook was first published (in a paperback form) in 1997. The Handbook provided a valuable reference source of information for the Radiopharmacy and Nuclear Medicine community that was not readily available via other sources.    Over the years, the Handbook has been updated and could be accessed on-line on the UKRG website. The publication of Sampson’s Textbook of Radiopharmacy (fourth edition, edited by Tony Theobald) in 2010 provided much of the updated information that was previously available in the Handbook.

The UKRG committee have recently reviewed the contents of Handbook and it was decided that the Handbook would not be revised as most of the information is now readily available in other sources. However there is a need to provide some sources of useful information that may not be readily available and these documents can be downloaded from this Information Resources section. The documents will be reviewed every two years.