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BNMS Fellowships

BNMS Fellowships - hosting departments

The BNMS can confirm the following Nuclear Medicine departments are to host BNMS Fellowships:

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Duration of fellowship - variable, depending on the nature of the fellowship

Process of assessment - Assessments would be based on current competency criteria within the department.

(area of expertise - Imaging Nuclear Medicine Medical Physics Radiopharmacy 223 Radium-dichloride therapy 131 Iodine therapy (Ablation & Thyrotoxicosis) Cardiac stress MPI Reporting assessments for PET-CT/Neuro PET/Dementia)

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Duration of fellowship - 1 week

Process of assessment - Department is involved in Clinical Technologist training scheme

(area of expertise - Busy general Nuclear Medicine department carrying out a wide range of studies)

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Duration of fellowship - 3 months or more

(area of expertise - Clinical Nuclear Medicine SPECT-CT PET-CT Radionuclide therapy)

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Duration of fellowship - variable, depending on the nature of the fellowship

Process of assessment - End of visit report and assessments given as required

(area of expertise - Diagnostic studies (conventional). Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (pharmacalogical stress). MUGA ventriculography. HMPAO Brain Perfusion Imaging. Datscan Brain imaging. Bone Imaging. V/Q SPECT (technegas ventilation). Parathyroid Imaging SPECT-CT (Tc99m MIBI). Benign Thyroid Imaging (Tc99m Pertechnatate). Thyroid Cancer Imaging I131. I123 MIBG imaging. GI Imaging: gastric emptying, gastric reflux, GI bleed, Meckel's, Se75 Hepatobilliary Imaging,SeHCAT bile salt retention. Tc99m Renal Imaging - DMSA static and Mag3 Dynamic (including ureteric reflux studies). Infection Imaging. Sentinel node injection for breast biopsy. Lymphoscintigraphy. Miscellaneous rarely performed imaging. Cr51 EDTA GFR measurement. Diagnostic Studies: PET-CT FDG for oncology. FDG for cardiac viability. FDG for infection and inflammation (FUO, orthopaedic and cardiac devices, osteomyelitis) F18 sodium Fluoride bone scan. F18 Beta amyloid and Tau brain imaging. Ga68 Somatastatin receptor imaging. Ga68 PSMA Ca prostate imaging. Therapeutic Techniques. Benign thyrotoxicosis I131 therapy. Thyroid Cancer ablation. Y90/Lu177 PRRT for Neuroendocrine cancer therapy. Y90 SIRT. Ra223 Metastatic Bone Pain Palliation. Radiopharmacy Tc99m and Ga68 Generators on site with Radiopharmaceutical Production. Tc99m and In111 blood labeling techniques.)

University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire

Duration of fellowship - 3 months or more

(area of expertise - PET-CT General nuclear medicine Non-imaging Physics Therapy)

Royal Marsden NHSFT

Duration of fellowship - Other, time to be chosen according to needs of student

Process of assessment - Not currently in place but could be arranged if necessary. Written report could be provided if required. 

(area of expertise - Nuclear Medicine Pet/CT imaging Targeted radionuclide therapy including dosimetry Nuclear Medicine Physics)

BNMS Fellowships

NEW! BNMS Fellowships in Radionuclide Imaging and Therapy


The BNMS is in the process of developing a fellowship programe in radionuclide imaging and therapy. The ultimate aim of this fellowship is to enhance knowledge of NM multi-professional team members in at least one area of nuclear medicine and develop UK based NM network exchanging the best practice and most recent advances and research ideas in the NM community.

The fellowship will be intended primarily for members of the Society.

We would like to cordially invite nuclear medicine departments across the uk to register to host trainees doctors, scientists, technologists, radiographers and nurses should you feel you have an appropriate infrastructure and trainers in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine.